Boletsos Beach Hotel is located in the center of Argassi

Argassi is one of the most popular summer resorts in Zakynthos island! Our hotel is situated in the of town with all the resorts amenities and facilities on your doorstep. A variety of cafes, restaurants, tavernas and bars can all be found close by. Argassi is very close to Zakynthos town just 4 kms from the town centre. It's almost the south-west continuation of Zakynthos town with its natural bounds sprawling from the base of "Skopos" Mountain till the sea. Green land shelves gently and meets the sandy beach and the waves.Argasi resort can be reached easily and quickly as it is only 3 kms from the main port and 6kms from Zakynthos Airport.

Argassi, Zakynthos, 29100, Greece

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Venetian Bridge
Argassi Monuments

Literally in the sea in 10 meters distance from Argasi's seashore is located the old bridge.This landmark of Argasi was built at the beggining of the 19th century. Originally it was a part of the coastal which was constructed during the period of English domination but it was almost hidden in the sea. It started from the church of St. Spiridon of Sgournes and assumingly ended up in the Venetian Vardiola just before Davia.Almost half of the bridge, which used to be part of the main road, is now resting on the shore and the other half is immersed in the sea. This is due to severe erosion from the seawater and the winds.

Domenegini Tower
Argassi Monuments

Memories from the historic past of Argasi overbearing monuments which lay sparsely around the location. Probably the oldest of all, the Domenegini Tower is dated since the 17th century. Once a tower -country manor of Domenegini family and it is inextricably linked to the Greek National Liberation Fight (1821) as it was the place where the secret meetings of the Friendly Society Leaders were held to launch the Revolution against Peloponnese.Only a few meters away from the Tower is the adjacent fountain known as "Solomo's Fountain" or "Venetian Fountain" from which natural water has been running all those years till recently.

Aquaduct Vrysakia
Argassi Monuments

One of the finest buildings hidden in dense vegetation is the old Aqueduct located in "Vrysakia". It was built in the 19th century collecting the water from the natural springs and through a complex pipe system distributed the water to Zakynthos Town. The most interesting piece of architecture feature is "Vourderis Camara".This magnificent bridge is 15 meters high and has a series of archways bearing the pipes which brought water to the main town. It was constructed during the period of British rule and legend has it that Kolokotronis, who lived on Zakynthos 15 years before the 1821 war of independence, was very fond of this place and used to ride his horse over the bridge.

Virgin Mary Church
Argassi Churches

The church of Panagia Skopiotissa can be found on top of mount Skopos –also named after it– 2km from Argassi, the famous tourist resort in the southern part of the island. The snow-white church, in crosswise style with dome was built in 1624 and stands to this day on the ruins of an old monastery, which is thought to have been built in the place of the much older temple of Artemis. Remarkable wall-paintings can be seen inside the church, the temple (made of stone), impressive paintings, woodcuts and other valuable utensils, as well as the painting of Virgin Mary all the way from Istanbul. The double-headed eagle (symbol of the byzantine empire) on the church floor will definitely draw your attention.

Saint Spyridon of Sgournes
Argassi Churches

Next to the seashore coming from Town towards Argassi, there is the church of "St Spyridon of Sgournes". It is a 16th century monastery which has been looted by the pirates in previous centuries and destroyed by the earthquake in1 953. Finally, it was restored to its original form in 2009.